»Housewarming« is an exhibition by fabrica x airbnb
for Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan, Italy
from April, 14th to 17th, at Palazzo Crespi

Marlene’s project is influenced by the age-old Austrian tradition of Jause, a late-afternoon snack eaten at home or as a picnic. Jause is packed into a colourful linen cloth knotted together to form a picnic bag, or Jausensackerl.
Guests were invited to choose snacks made at Palazzo Crespi and Marlene knotted them into a Jausensackerl so visitors could take a piece of this hospitality home.

The pattern was inspired by the landscape where Marlene grew up: the Mühlviertel. The region is part of an area full of granite stone. The platonic cubes with a generated granite stone texture were created in 3D. A light source is reflected in each of the 20-sided icosahedrons, which are arranged in isometric view. The technical aspect reflects the character of a shaped stone and the precision in working with computer generated images.


Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, is partnering with Fabrica, to create ‘Housewarming’, an experiential installation for the 2015 edition of Salone del Mobile. Airbnb and Fabrica’s partnership celebrates the connections that guests and hosts experience through sharing a home, and how these unique relationships begin with a simple welcome. Following a successful collaboration at the London Design Festival 2014, Airbnb’s installation at Salone 2015 further showcases its commitment to design as a driving force behind the company.

Visitors to the installation in the Palazzo Crespi, will see the creations of 19 international designers who have interpreted the concept of welcome. Guests will be invited to interact with the designers, who will be installed in different parts of the Palazzo. From the experience of a very British tea time to the Indian ritual of lighting lamps, visitors will leave with a sense of belonging to this Milanese home and the cultures each of the Fabrica designers represent – a feeling which is central to an Airbnb experience.

The Airbnb community is renowned for providing access to incredible spaces, and Palazzo Crespi is no different. Originally built to celebrate the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, along with the other buildings on Corso Venezia, the space reflects the period’s Baroque style and is an enchanting home steeped in Milanese history. ‘Housewarming’ will allow the public to experience Palazzo Crespi, a private home, for the first time through a series of creative activations.

Head of Fabrica Design Studio Sam Baron
Idea & Design Marlene Wolfmair
Exhibition Photographer Cristian Castelnuovo
Further photography Marco Zanin