Vienna Design

Created for & exhibited at
September, 25th – October, 2nd 2015, Passionswege

with & at the Master Carpentry
2M Walter und Michael Müllner
Pernerstorfergasse 92, 1100 Vienna

The master carpentry 2M of Walter and Michael Müllner designs and produces premier-quality furnishings.
In their special workshop for sand-blasting techniques the family enterprise in the 10th district also processes and modifies the surfaces of greatly diverse materials, including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, and wood.

The Passionswege project of the young designer Marlene Wolfmair consists of a logarithmic arrangement of wooden elements, their surfaces processed through sand-blasting.
Wolfmair demonstrates that not only in the digital world can the combination of design and mathematical formulas produce interesting results.
Also the formula-based arrangement of simple elements can lend an extraordinary fascination to a construction.

Curator Lilli Hollein
Production Michael Müllner
Design & Creation Marlene Wolfmair
Exhibition Photographer Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar