Smart City

The smart city of the future will have integrated sensors, advanced services, and intelligent citizens. This exhibit takes visitors up a simulated lift (elevator) to the 110th floor of the world’s new tallest building; the Burj Al Emirat. As they step out, visitors are greeted with floor-to-ceiling view looking out at the future of Dubai as a smart city.
Augmented reality overlays highlight various smart city improvements, focusing as much on the social and environmental innovation as much as the technological.

Smart electrical grids channel power in real-time to the areas that need it the most, automated drones deliver key services and packages, self-driving vehicles transport goods and people safely, and universal sensors enable new forms of social interaction and business opportunity.


One of six topics at the exhibition »The Museum of Future Government Services«
by the Government Summit, United Arab Emirates, 10.02. - 12.02.2014

a project by Fabrica & Tellart

3D Generalist & Compositor Marlene Wolfmair
Information Design Hendrik Hohenstein
Graphic Animation Alessandro Bertelle