You Make The Park

For Expo 2015, Milan becomes a “melting pot” of thousands of travellers from all around the world, facilitating an international dialogue around sustainable futures and respect for the planet.

What comes from the earth goes back to the earth. Based this principle, Fabrica has joined the conversation by creating a collection of simple, outdoor furniture using 100% recyclable and re-purposed materials: cork, terracotta & wood.

Each piece has been assembled using components of each material, and can be easily disassembled without harming the purity of each one.
The materials can then be revisited, repurposed or recycled for future use. Through this collection, we create a public space that evolves with the seasons, as a multi-cultural junction. We encourage visitors to move the furniture around, inspiring participation in a conversation around “what makes a park?” — a way to invite visitors to make the park truly their own.


Animation Marlene Wolfmair
Sound design Giacomo Mazzucato
Product Designers Nikita Bhate, Giorgio Gasco, Pascal Hien,
Alex Rothera, Daniel Rous

Graphic Design Elise Santangelo